​Nintendo finally brings pure ecstasy to customers, in the form of illicit drugs

nintendo-drugFor what feels like the millionth time in its life, Nintendo is once again quickly waning in popularity, with the news cycle churning out article after article discussing whether or not the company can be saved. The Big N’s brand may induce shrugs and eye rolls around most of the gaming world right now, but in Belgium, Nintendo is as hot as ever — just not in the way the company likely hoped. Rather than buying up Wii U consoles and dumping mounds of money into the Nintendo 3DS eShop, Belgians are experiencing Nintendo in the form of an ecstasy pill.

Though there are likely some intrepid marketers over at Nintendo that have already thought of a handful of creative slogans regarding Nintendo’s products being as addictive as a drug, there’s no way Nintendo — a company built on a reputation of wholesome family fun — is pleased.

The news comes from the Belgian Early Warning System on Drugs (BEWSD), and reports an XTC pill that contains a high amount of MDMA, the active ingredient within ecstasy. The pills have been discovered around Brussels, thanks to the Modus Vivendi project, which allows people to anonymously bring in their drugs to be screened for quality in order to minimize risks of foreign or unidentified ingredients.

A quick Google search shows that drugs marked with a Nintendo logo aren’t a new occurrence, but BEWSD has discovered that these specific pills are on the upswing. Drugs can obviously be dangerous, but little pills branded with a Nintendo logo can be more dangerous than your standard pill, as children might think they’re just Dr. Mario themed candies. That one intrepid creative marketing director is probably quite irritated that this synergy has to be left alone.

The ecstasy news comes right around the same time Nintendo’s stock took a dive and the company admitted the Wii U is failing. So, cue the jokes about the company’s new business structure. Article Link…

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