New highly addictive drug targets teens

Emergency room doctors treating young people hooked on Flakka

flakka-drugThere is a new drug on the streets and teens are the target. It’s called Flakka and it’s highly addictive. Emergency room doctors and first responders in South Florida say they’re seeing an alarming rise in the number of young people getting hooked.

Kat, who wants to remain anonymous, talks about the drug that landed him here in detox. “The people that normally smoke crack don’t want crack . This is the new crack this is what’s going to stop crack, says Kat”. He had uncontrollable shaking and cold sweats. But he knows this drug could have killed him. Addictive and dangerous, on the streets, its called Flakka. It’s smoked or vaped and is the newest evolution in bath salts. Even paramedics, who’ve seen it all, say this drug is scary. The calls come in as trouble breathing, chest pains and patients who seem mentally unstable. Mathew Schaefer with Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue talks about patients on Flakka. “Their words are incoherent their body language is just not really normal off the charts and not making sense with anything they are doing,” says Schaefer. Read more…

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