Must-Have Breathalyzer Watch Tells You When to Go Home, You’re Drunk


Most of us have had the kind of night where we would have been better off heading home from the bar before that last round. And we probably would have, too, if someone had just told us that we didn’t need another beer. Alas, that’s rarely the way the world works. Thanks to the constant march of progress, though, you can now tell when you’ve had a few too many without relying on your friends or your own inebriated brain. The weirdo watchmakers at Tokyoflash have brought the world a boon — a watch with a built-in breathalyzer you can use to monitor your drinking.

TokyoFlash is most famous for making interesting and often bizarre watches that only tell the time by making you decode some sort of overly complicated infographic, though this model is fairly straightforward in that respect. Considering the purpose of its other bells and whistles, though, we can see why that is. In addition to the standard features we’ve all come to expect from a watch and now just use our phones for — time, date, and alarm functions, for example — the watch also supplies tools for helping you understand how drunk you are, including a sobriety testing game and a full-on breathalyzer you can puff into to get an idea of how drunk you are.

When used, the breathalyzer function shows your BAC on a series of ten colored lights on the watch, offering you a handy reminder of the state of your drinking problem at that moment.

The display on the right of the screen shows 10 different levels of blood alcohol content. A green display showing 0.00‰ means you’re sober. A yellow display showing between 0.41 and 0.60‰ means you’re buzzing. A red display showing 0.61‰ or above means you’re drunk!

Of course, as TokyoFlash is quick to point out, results from the watch are for entertainment only, and not a binding indicator of your BAC. In other words, don’t blame them if you blow a low result and then get popped for drunk driving. If you find yourself using the breathalyzer function, in fact, that’s a good sign it’s already “Call -a-Cab o’clock.”

The watch operates on a USB rechargeable battery that claims to last a month under “average use” conditions, though those conditions will depend on how much of a lush the user is — and how interested they are in breathalyzing themselves with a watch. If that sounds like your new favorite activity, you can order one of these babies for just $99 if you act soon.

You can get a load of the watch in action, monitoring the activities of a gentlemen who’s getting hammered on the company’s dime, in the video below. Also, TokyoFlash, where do I sign up to be in your next commercial? Because it looks like this dude is having a blast. Read More…

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