Mother sold kids’ prescription drugs to fuel heroin habit, police say

drugs-illegalCLARK COUNTY, Ind. —A mother of three is arrested on drug possession charges in Clark County, but it’s not just the drugs that have her in serious trouble, it’s whose drugs she allegedly used to feed her drug addiction.

Clarksville police said thanks to the residents of the small town of Marysville, they were able to arrest Sara Donaire, 44. They said she was selling her children’s prescription drugs to fund her own heroin habit.

“I think it’s horrible. Anybody that will take their kids medications, their medicine and sell it,” area resident Thomas Bowyer said. “She can get help, so she don’t have to steal from them.”

Clarksville police said prescription drugs like Coumadin, Ambien, Zoloft and other controlled drugs known for aiding with ADD were prescribed for Donaire’s three young children.

“Pills can bring anywhere from $10 to $100 per pill,” Clarksville Maj. Scott Merchant said.

Clarksville police said they’ve been investigating Donaire for about a month after tips from the community.

“Common sense tells you something’s going on if you’re not watching your kids,” Bowyer said.

Neighbors said Donaire’s children were often seen wandering the streets, looking for their mother. Some said when the mother was home, her behavior was erratic.

“Driving, and you can tell she’s under the influence. She’s erratic in driving, come over in your lane, she’s almost hit me head on two times,” one neighbor said.

Police set up a sting and called Donaire for a buy.

Investigators said she came to a Target and tried to sell her children’s medication to undercover officers. She’s now facing possession of a controlled substance charges and additional drug charges.

“She had two syringes in the car that were loaded with heroin and possession of cocaine, a narcotic drug, and she had a rock of heroin in her car,” Merchant said. Article Link…



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