Montreal Investigates Metro Drinking Marathon

A binge-drinking competition on a Montreal metro line went ignored by transit security.

kidsMontreal police are investigating a recent incident in which a group of young people people binge-drank the length of a city subway line, while train security turned a blind eye. Dubbed “The Montreal Metro Drinking Marathon—The Orange Line Derby,” the event’s aim was for competitors to finish a beer at every station, and whoever made it the farthest would be the winner. The organizers publicized the event on their website, “Mook-Life,” where they detailed the rules, including a strict pro-puking policy. “Puking is allowed,” the site explained, “But you need to advise the rest of the group before vomiting so that everyone can enjoy the performance.” Pictures posted after the event show members of the group walking on subway tracks, urinating, and posing with open alcohol containers. Montreal police’s metro unit chief Cmdr. Philippe Pichet says no one alerted the police or attempted to intervene, even though a posting on the website suggests that transit authorities knew what was going on. “Only at the second stop Du Collège and we’re already hearing the metro intercom announcing our presence to security,” one of the participants posted on the site, “I guess it might just be a matter of time before we all get rounded up and this marathon stops short due to technical difficulties.” The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) would not comment on whether metro security intervened during the event, but a spokeswoman told CBC News: “All these elements are being looked at.” Pichet says the event was “very dangerous” and the participants could face criminal charges. Article Link “the fix”…

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