Michael Phelps’ DUI Trial Date Gets One-Month Postponement

michael-phelpsBALTIMORE – While Michael Phelps is working through issues in rehab, his attorneys have been granted a one-month postponement of his trial date for driving under the influence of alcohol and reckless driving on September 30.

Phelps’ trial was originally set for November 19, but will now take place in Baltimore District Court on December 19, according to various sources. It was not clear if the new trial date was created to allow Phelps to continue his in-patient rehab stint uninterrupted. If Phelps had entered rehab on October 5, the date he Tweeted his intentions, he would be back in public on November 16, just three days before the original trial date.

Phelps’ DUI arrest in September drew a six-month competition ban from USA Swimming, as well as a loss of financial compensation as a member of the national team. The federation and Phelps jointly agreed that the Olympian would withdraw from next year’s world championship team, which was announced last week. Article Link…

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