Michael Madsen Ordered To Rehab

The Kill Bill actor is sentenced to 30-days for failing to attend AA after last year’s DUI arrest.

mikeActor Michael Madsen, star of Kill Bill and Reservoir Dogs, was ordered by a judge to 30 days of inpatient rehab for failure to address his “severe alcohol problem” following his DUI arrest last year. Madsen’s probation was revoked yesterday due to his failure to attend AA meetings after his September arrest, when he was pulled over by police for “erratically” driving a sports car along the California coast. The 55-year-old actor reportedly showed up in court yesterday with an unexplained black eye. According to his attorney, Perry Wander, he must be enrolled in a program within 72 hours and his wife Deannais currently looking in to possible facilities. Madsen will not be allowed to leave the facility without permission from the court and could end up in treatment for a longer period of time if it’s found by that sufficient progress has not been made. “I want something in writing from the program so I can assess this in a real way,” said the judge. “I want to see how things are going and I hope for a good report from the program.” Madsen, 55, has continued to maintain his innocence throughout, claiming through his attorney that he did not fail a field sobriety test and that the breathalyzer test was flawed. Article Link “the fix”…

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