Man Running Drug Rehab Arrested

THOMASVILLE, Ga. — According to neighbors, a home on the 200 block of Meadows St. in Thomasville was originally purchased to house a drug rehab facility; but according to investigators, it was everything but that.

“I’m very disappointed and surprised that this happened in our neighborhood,” said Bobbie Frazier, who has lived in the area for many years.

Saturday, 51-year-old Robert Mathis was arrested on charges of pandering. Police explained that for more than two years, Mathis would solicit women to have sex with the men in the program; and then take half of the profit.

He also faces a false imprisonment charge after deputies said he held a man to the bed and tied him down.

“He abused his authority. First, by restraining the person, and tying them to the bed. He also abused his trust by taking advantage of people that had addiction problems,” said Tim Watkins of the Thomas County Sheriff’s Office.

Bobbie Frazier said she also works with patients and she is surprised at how Mathis is accused of abusing his power.

“That was bad for him to take advantage of someone trying to get help and trying to straighten their life up,” Frazier said.

The investigation started after a woman, facing other charges, spoke in open court about what Mathis was doing. Since then, investigators told Eyewitness News that three more women have come forward.

The lawyer for one of the women released this statement related to the case: “We are very grateful that the Thomas County Sheriff’s Office took the claims of the women seriously. We think the charges are a very fair result of what was done; however, we do believe there are more victims out there,” said Jennifer Phillips.

The Sheriff’s Office said they don’t plan to file charges against any of the women who stepped forward to accuse Mathis. Article Link…

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