Man Mistakenly Takes Meth, Walks Into Walmart Naked

A South Carolina man accidentally took methamphetamine, which made him “paranoid” and “crazy” enough to walk into a Walmart wearing nothing but tennis shoes.

walmart-addictWhile it’s best to avoid drugs altogether, if you are going to partake, make sure you know what drugs you have before taking them.

That’s the lesson Kevin Patrick, 36, of Fort Mill, S.C. learned the hard way. On Wednesday, Patrick was arrested for walking into a Walmart store wearing nothing but a pair of black tennis shoes after accidentally taking crystal meth.

“I’ve had a problem with drugs in the past. I still like to do ecstasy once in a while,” he told local news station WSOC-TV. “I accidentally got methamphetamine instead and it really made me crazy.”

Patrick recalls sleeping at this sister’s house and then waking up naked in his pickup truck, which was parked in the Walmart parking lot. He went inside for reasons that were not apparent to him at the time before being discovered in the electronics section. 

Patrick was unaware that he was naked until he was actually inside. “I got some weird looks, obviously.” 

Once the police arrived, they found a pair of shorts in his truck and made him put them on before escorting him out. Patrick was later charged with public disorderly conduct. “It’s really fuzzy to me, but that stuff made me so paranoid, I thought I was being arrested anyway,” he said.

“I’m really depressed,” Patrick said when asked by the reporter about how he felt. “It’s all over the news. I’m going to have to move because of this.” Article Link…

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