Lose your heroin? Hint: Don’t ask lawmen to help you find it

kidJEFFERSON COUNTY, Alabama – A 19-year-old Dora man was arrested Tuesday night after Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies say he asked them to help him find his lost heroin.

The deputies did help him, they did find it and then they took Jacob Alan Collier to jail.

Deputies were dispatched just before 6 p.m. Tuesday to a home in the 9000 block of Bankston Road on a report of domestic violence. When they arrived, they were told Collier was in his room with his girlfriend. He was angry and punching holes in the wall, said Chief Deputy Randy Christian.

Deputies knocked on the bedroom door and announced their presence and purpose. Collier asked them to give him a moment to put some pants on. He and his girlfriend were then asked to come into the living room to discuss what was happening.

Christian said there had been no violence, so deputies asked Collier why he had become so upset. He said he had lost $180, and was upset because he owed money for drugs.

“Deputies asked him if he had looked everywhere in his room and he said that he thought he had. He was asked if he wanted to go look again and he said he did,” Christian said. “Deputies offered to use their flash light to assist him.”

While deputies let Collier use a flashlight to search the room for the missing money, Collier told them that he had been given drugs to sell and now owed the money. He also told them that the rest of the drugs were missing too: two grams of heroin and a bag of marijuana.

While helping him search, deputies found a small bag of heroin and a bag of marijuana in his room. Collier was arrested for unlawful possession of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of marijuana. He remains in the county jail today with bonds totaling $16,000.

“Just brilliant. That’s all I know to say,” Christian said. “Brilliant.” Article Link…

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