Lindsay Lohan Lands at Betty Ford

After a cross-country rehab tour, LiLo finally settles on an acceptable locale for her mandated 90 days.

lohanLindsay Lohan‘s cross-country rehab tour has finally come to a close: the actress reportedly checked in late last night at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, CA, just barely making the May 2 deadline agreed upon in the plea deal in her probation violation case. Provided she stays put, the actress will spend the next 90 days at Betty Ford, a surprising choice given her reported altercation with a staff member there in 2010, which resulted in a civil lawsuit. Lohan had been scheduled to check into theSeafield Center in Westhampton Beach, NY, butreportedly balked at the last second after discovering they don’t allow smoking. Lohan then flew to Newport Beach, CA, where she attempted to enter Morningside Recovery, leading prosecutors to claim that she was violating probation. California officials had previously revoked Morningside’s license to provide drug and alcohol rehab treatments, and it now serves as a residential facility that operates as a sober living house. The facility was never approved by the judge in her case or the prosecutors. However, Lohan left Morningside after several hours because “she was not happy with the place,” said her father, Michael Lohan. After completing her 90 days at Betty Ford, Lohan has reportedly been hired by entertainment website Celebuzz to blog about “lessons learned” during the experience. This marks Lohan’s sixth trip to rehab, one of which was court-ordered after a failed drug test. Article link “the fix”…

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