Lindsay Lohan: Attorney says actress is committed to turning life around

lindseyLOS ANGELES (AP) — Lindsay Lohan is committed to turning her life around and wants to record public service announcements on the dangers of domestic violation, alcohol abuse and drunken driving, her attorney said Wednesday.

Lawyer Mark Heller told The Associated Press that the actress’s plans are independent of a criminal case that could return her to jail on charges that she lied to police about being a passenger in her car when it slammed into a dump truck in June.

The “Liz & Dick” star repeatedly has been sentenced to jail, rehab and community service since her first pair of arrests for driving under the influence in 2007. She spent several months in court-ordered psychotherapy until a judge released her from supervised probation in March 2012.

As part of the intense psychotherapy sessions, Miss Lohan is in the beginning stages of trying to become an inspirational speaker to young people, he said.

“I think she suddenly woke up one morning and had an epiphany and she suddenly realized and appreciated the seriousness of the events that led to her being in court,” Mr. Heller said.

“She’s going to try to inspire hope in people,” he said. “I think it will be good for her. It certainly won’t hurt others.”

Mr. Heller mentioned Miss Lohan’s intent to become an inspirational speaker in a letter to prosecutors and a judge that was obtained Tuesday. He said he will meet with prosecutors on Friday to try to reach a resolution in Miss Lohan’s newest case, which includes misdemeanor charges of reckless driving and obstructing officers from performing their duties.

She has pleaded not guilty. Miss Lohan, 26, was on probation at the time of the crash and faces up to 245 days in jail if a judge determines her conduct violated her probation in a 2011 necklace theft case.

Officers suspected alcohol might have been involved in the June accident on the Pacific Coast Highway, but the actress passed sobriety tests at a hospital and she was never charged with driving under the influence.

Santa Monica police Sgt. Richard Lewis said officers did not give Miss Lohan a field sobriety test at the accident scene because she and her assistant were injured in the crash and were taken to a nearby hospital. While officers could not rule out that Miss Lohan might have been drinking, he noted that she did not show signs of impairment.

Celebrity web site TMZ, citing anonymous sources, reported Wednesday that a bottle of alcohol was found next to Miss Lohan’s sports car after the crash. Sgt. Lewis said he could not discuss evidence in the case but noted that the actress was not charged with drunken driving.

Mr. Heller wrote in a motion filed last week that officers found a bottle that they initially thought was urine, but it might have contained wine. His filing, which seeks a delay or dismissal of charges against the actress, states that “upon information and belief” the bottle’s contents were never tested.

Miss Lohan’s case returns to court on Friday, although the actress is not required to attend.

Mr. Heller is asking a judge to dismiss the case against Miss Lohan because officers ignored the actress’s request to talk to her attorney before being interviewed, court records show. He said he is prepared to defend Miss Lohan at trial if necessary but is hoping a deal can be worked out. He is seeking a delay in the case to have time to prepare and allow Miss Lohan to demonstrate she is improving her life.

Threats from judges and jail sentences that are invariably cut short because of overcrowding haven’t helped Miss LohanMr. Heller said. “None of it really brought closure to this predicament that led to this most recent event.” Article Link…

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