‘Legal’ opiate drugs can kill you – but teens and pre-teens take them at parties

Published: Wednesday, September 26, 2012, 8:30 PMmeds

By Evelyn Theiss, The Plain Dealer


CLEVELAND, Ohio — “Skittles” parties aren’t about candy. Rather, they refer to the colorfully varied prescription pills that teens grab by the handful from a bowl, then swallow – maybe with an alcohol chaser.

It sounds dramatic but that’s apt when it comes to the epidemic of opiate abuse in Ohio among adults, teens and pre-teens.

Prescription opioids (pain medications) are associated with more fatal overdoses than any other drugs. And unintentional overdoses have become the leading cause of injury–related deaths in Ohio, exceeding auto accidents.

A new play debuting at various schools and community events this school year was created to spread the message that while pills are “legal” when used appropriately by the person for whom they are prescribed, sharing them with others is a felony – and can be deadly.

“Legally Addicted” was written by Jacqui Loewy, and is presented by a professional troupe of actors from theFairmount Center for the Arts. A post-play dialogue with the audience, lead by experts in the field of substance abuse from the local non-profit Recovery Resources, follows the performances. Read More…


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