LeAnn Rimes Bares Bikini Body As Demi Lovato Covers Tattoo: Singers Talk Post-Rehab Recovery

leann-rimesWith celebrities ranging from Demi Lovato to LeAnn Rimes talking about post-rehab recovery, some of those stars, including Demi, are making new choices such as covering tattoos that they once felt defined them. While Rimes flaunts her healthy bikini body, Lovato decided that a new rose tattoo to cover up an old one was the perfect symbol that she’s moving on, reported the Daily Mail.

Just how much does Demi adore tattoos? She claims to have accumulated 12 designs by age 20. But the rose symbol is special, revealed Lovato, because she’s celebrating three years of living clean and sober. Turning to social media to share her upbeat news, she thanked her fans, family, and followers, who total more than 27.9 million.

“Thank everyone who has supported my journey! I never knew sobriety was possible for me, but with the love and support I’ve been given from my friends, fans and family…I now celebrate my 3rd birthday. Thank you to everyone.”

“Well, here’s the first #gratuitousbikinipic #RVlife @lulifamaswimwear #oldiebutagoodie one of my favorite fitting swimsuits EVER! I always have the camera taking pics of everyone else so this is what you get…til tmrw great first day of #springbreak2015,” wrote LeAnn for the caption.

But that doesn’t mean that she’s taking an expensive luxury vacation. Instead, the step mother to two little boys joined them in cherishing every hour of spring break by camping in an RV. It’s a trend called “glamping” (camping with glamour).

LeAnn wasn’t the only one to flaunt her great body, though, revealed E News.

She also shared a photo of her husband and dad of those little boys, Eddie Cibrian.

“Someone super sexy #hubby stole my hat! I want my #monkey back @trustthebum we’re gonna wrestle for it later,” Rimes joked on social media.

But although she’s joking now, LeAnn worked hard for that healthy bikini body. For years, she battled rumors ranging from anorexia to bulimia to drug addiction. And despite her frequent cheerful posts to social media now, she also dealt with Twitter taunts when she had an affair with Cibrian.

However, LeAnn finally entered rehab for what she termed help with stress and anxiety amid concern about her very thin figure. Now she’s determined to show off the results of a healthy lifestyle.

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