Lamar Odom’s family plan intervention?


Lamar Odom’s family are planning to stage an intervention.

The 33-year-old basketball star has allegedly been abusing crack cocaine for at least two years and his family are hoping to help him battle his drug addiction by getting him back to Queens where he grew up as he is “partying very hard” in Los Angeles.

A family source told’s Page Six: “Lamar has been partying very hard in LA, hanging out with his friends and not going home to Khloe [Kardashian]. His family and his old friends are trying to get him home to Queens.

“His family is hearing he is doing coke, crack, molly [ecstasy]. He and his LA friends are going hard, wildly off the rails.”

Lamar was born in Queens where he was raised by his grandmother Mildred since he had a strained relationship with his father, Joe, who was a heroin addict and his mother died of cancer when he was 12.

The disgraced basketball star still has other family and friends in New York City who are hoping to help him combat this difficult period in his life.

The star – who is married to reality star Khloe Kardashian – is reportedly had a short spell in rehab early last month and it is believed he thought he could maintain his sobriety without attending a clinic.

It was previously reported that he is hoping to overcome his problems through his own willpower as he has done it successfully before.

The former Los Angeles Lakers star is also facing marital problems with Khloe, his wife of four years, after allegations that he cheated on her with a number of women – including lawyer Polina Polonsky and Sandy Schultz. Article Link…

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