Lady GaGa’s Cocaine Use

ladyLady Gaga’s friend is going to give more details about the singer’s drug-filled days before she rose to fame. The “Paparazzi” singer’s old friend Brendan Jay Sullivan describes the popstar’s drug use in his new book “Rivington Was Ours: Lady Gaga, the Lower East Side and the Prime of Our Lives”. 

In the book, which will be released on August 27, Sullivan recalls a moment when he spent some time with the singer at her home in Lower East Side. The writer says that GaGa rubbed white powder to a bubble gum and told him, “It’s mint. I wish it was coke.” 

GaGa allegedly said at that time, “I used to do bags and bags of it. Mostly when I was getting ready to go out, while I was putting on my makeup. I’d get a delivery and then put on some Bowie and treat myself in the mirror. But I only ever did it alone. That was my one rule.” 

Later, however, Sullivan says that GaGa asked him to get a delivery of cocaine. “I just agreed to score drugs for us both and spend our entire night smoking way too many cigarettes and talking way too fast about ourselves. Then I started to worry. She had a recording session in L.A. the next week. What if it ruined her voice?” Sullivan says in the book. He called off the order and the two stayed sober that night. 

Sullivan adds that in another occasion, the 27-year-old singer told him that her friends called cocaine “Judy.” He also says that most of GaGa’s friends at NYU’s Tish School were drug addicts. The singer, who was recently named highest-paid celebrity under 30 by Forbes, allegedly told him that her friends usually lied to their parents about needing money for books. However, the money later was used “to party.” 

The Mother Monster admitted that she used to do drug in a September 2010 issue of Vanity Fair. She said that “it’s in the past. It was a low point, and it led to disaster.”  Article Link…

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