Lady Gaga Addresses Addiction on Latest ‘ARTPOP’ Song “Dope”

dope-addiction-gagaJust hours after debuting her highly personal song “Dope” at the inaugural YouTube Music Awards, Lady Gagareleased the official audio of the ARTPOP album track. It’s a piano ballad augmented by slight, understated synths in the background that finds Gaga singing in her confessional-growl mode.

Lyrically, this is some of the most personal stuff she’s ever written, addressing addiction struggles and the loss of her longtime best friend. “I promise this drink is my last one / I know I f–ked up again / Because I lost my only friend,” Gaga sings, likely referencing her former assistant and ex-best friend Jennifer O’Neil who took her to court for alleged unpaid overtime. “Just one last puff and two last regrets / Three spirits and 12 lonely steps / I need you more than dope,” Gaga sings, the last line serving as the song’s refrain.

Listen to Gaga’s “Dope”—the final official release from ARTPOP before it drops next week—above. Article Link…

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