Khloe Kardashian And Brother Rob Reportedly Heading To Rehab For Drugs And Alcohol Addiction

kardashian-rehabKhloe Kardashian and her brother Rob Kardashian share an extremely close bond, as is evident on just about every episode of Keeping us with the Kardashians, whenever (or more like if ever) Rob is around.

Most people know that the reason for this close “brother-sister” bond is the fact that they were paired together growing up and their strong connection has always been blatantly obvious.

They were so close that even when Khloe married Lamar Odom, her brother Rob Kardashian moved in with them soon after their wedding and at the time Khloe said she felt partially responsible for how destructive the relationship between Lamar and her brother became.

Apparently, according to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, instead of being a “brig bro” type role model, Lamar Odom got Rob into drugs and booze and when Khloe Kardashian’s marriage to Lamar Odom crashed, Rob’s drug problems got worse.

Khloe has done everything she can to help her brother Rob, offering him a place to stay in her marital home and a shoulder to cry on whenever he needed it. But Rob Kardashian has gone into himself and become a hermit, tanked up on pain killers and sizzurp, according to reports.

However, rather than helping Rob into rehab, which was Khloe’s original plan, according to the Aug. 25th print edition of Life & Style Magazine, she now apparently finds herself on a similar path to her brother.

According to the publication Khloe’s downfall was hooking up with rapper French Montana as she is now allegedly self-medicating instead of spending time with her family

And Khloe Kardashian’s drinking habits are no secret, especially if you remember her sister Kim’s comments on the Jimmy Kimmel show a while back about how hungover Khloe was on the day of her wedding.

Of course, as is usually the case in these circumstances, Khloe is in denial about the whole thing even though her family are now trying to get her professional help to deal with her addictions.

Don’t be surprised if you read news headlines soon that Khloe Kardashian and her brother Rob are in rehab together. If they do end up there together, let’s hope they are both able to overcome their addiction issues and live a clean and healthy life.  Article Link…

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