Janice Dickinson: Concerns of addiction always present

models-addictionJanice Dickinson has a “good support system” to stay sober.

The former supermodel has battled addictions in the past, even taking part in television show Celebrity Rehab to help her quit sleeping pills. She

recently came under scrutiny after appearing on an episode of Botched and exhibiting “drug-seeking behaviour”.

“Concerns of addiction are always ever-present,” Janice shared with Radar Online. “That’s why I have a good support system and a great sponsor

that I can check in with and I have my family and friends who take very good care of me.”

On Sunday during the episode of Botched, Dr. Terry Dubrow said Janice’s actions were “classic drug-seeking behaviour”. The 59-year-old model

apparently started acting irrational when she went under the knife to fix “ripples” that covered her breasts. On the show, Janice asked for more

painkillers, to which Terry responded, “Most people are on aspirin at this point”.

Janice apparently is not offended by the comment or recent criticism and is instead focusing on her present and future.

“It’s a concerned response from a very experienced doctor who is a perfectionist, and I take that into account,” Janice told RadarOnline.

“I understand that I can’t change the world with my past behaviour,” she continued. “I can only show the world with my present behaviour.”

Janice has also been criticized for receiving plastic surgery, with it even being claimed that the model is addicted to it. She admitted on Botched that she is “no stranger” to

plastic surgery, having had a face lift, brow lift and tummy tuck. Article Link…

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