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Thirty Day Individual Recovery Program
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Program Overview

Teaching the essentials of Recovery as embodied in the 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous is the heart of the 30-Day Individual Recovery Program. In addition to providing regular contact via phone and Internet with an experienced addiction professional, the program combines reading, study materials and interactive homework as well practical advice on how to access one’s hometown sober community.

Members can also exchange their own experience, strength and hope with other program members as they learn about the underlying nature of the disease of addiction.

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Program Goals and Schedule

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Program Goals
  • To study and practice the principles of the 12-Steps
  • To learn the basic teachings of recovery as outlined in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous
  • To improve relationships

Program Schedule

More details on the program schedule are coming soon.

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Other Programs
Family and Friends Support Program
An online opportunity for family members and loved ones to explore how their lives have been personally affected by the disease of addiction and to learn about the process of Recovery as embodied in the 12-Steps on Al-Anon.
Extended After Care
Building on the foundation of the Individual Recovery Program, Extended After Care explores Recovery issues in greater depth, integrating lectures, videos and group discussion with facilitation by an experienced addiction professional.

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Family & Friends Program

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