‘I’m lucky to be alive’: Supermodel Sophie Anderton on her drug addiction

‘I snorted £400 of cocaine today … my mum was expecting a call to say I was dead.’


Supermodel Sophie Anderton has revealed the hell of cocaine addiction which ended with her losing her home, her friends and worst of all, her dignity.

Sophie, who shot to fame when she graced billboards across the UK as the face of Gossard’s Wonderbra, says she is lucky to be alive after blowing £400 a day on the Class A drug.

Her addiction became so bad that her mum Sue feared every day she would get a phone call saying her only child had been found dead.

But having beaten her demons and stayed clean for three-and-a-half years, Sophie is now helping other addicts and is working with the Amy Winehouse Foundation to highlight the peril of drug-taking to teenagers.

In a revealing interview, Sophie, 35, told the Sunday People : “I could have carried on down the road I was going down and been one of many people I know who died from drugs, or I could change my life.

“I was a dreadful person. The drugs made me lie, they make you the opposite person of who you’re meant to be. Cocaine is evil. I was vile but I was a cocaine addict.”

Sophie snorted her first line when she was 17 shortly after moving from Bristol to London to work as a model.

At first, life seemed perfect. The posh brunette was a regular on the front pages of fashion magazines across the globe.

And she was the fashionable beauty everyone wanted at their parties and in their nightclubs – until cocaine tightened its evil grip.

The former Bristol cathedral choirgirl said: “In the mornings I would have a line before I got out of bed.

“I couldn’t function without it. I would have a coffee and go for a run. On my way back I would ring my female dealer and she would come to my house. I spent an obscene amount of money on drugs.

“Towards the end, when I went bankrupt and had no money, I would pay my dealer in designer handbags. She has the most beautiful collection of Chloe bags.

“I would stay up for days on end and when I finally wanted to go to bed, I would take a sleeping pill but I would get up the next day and it would all start again.

“I cut off from the rest of the world, I was like a dead person and I looked like one too. My friends were so worried they would knock on my door on their way to work every morning to check I was alive.

“I wouldn’t want them to see me still on drugs so I would hide and pretend I was in bed.”

Her mum Sue was distraught. She and Sophie’s stepfather, John, nearly split over the problems her behaviour brought them.

“I put my parents through absolute hell,” Sophie says as a tear runs down her cheek.

“My mum expected a phone call every single day to tell them she was dead.

“I’m my mother’s only child, I can’t believe I put them through all of that. I caused them so many problems.”

While using cocaine daily, Sophie became bankrupt, owing £130,000 to the taxman.

She lost her west London home after the £10 million fortune she once had was gone.

But her lowest point was when she dated former Chelsea goalkeeper Mark Bosnich, now 41, who was also taking cocaine during that period.

Their four year on-off relationship became infamous thanks to the public rows which finally ended in 2007.

Sophie said: “My relationship with Mark was my lowest point. Two addicts together is worse than one so it was a nightmare.

“That time was the darkest and scariest of my life.

“If you add drugs to any relationship it is problematic but with us it was beyond anything.

“I had a temper too in those days. I’m not going to blame it all on him as I played my part.

“I have made my peace with him, I have forgiven him.”

Sophie attempted to get clean between 2007 and 2009 but says her heart wasn’t in it – she had yet to reach rock-bottom.

That came on September 11 2009 when Sophie snorted cocaine for the last time.

It was three or four lines, which compared to her worst wasn’t a lot.

But for Sophie, it was the turning point. She changed her life, dumped her friends and moved out of London to Surrey to live with her new boyfriend, businessman James Simpson.

She even got rid of her phone to remove any further temptation.

She said: “Something clicked, I just couldn’t keep living that life. I looked at myself and thought ‘Is this where I have lowered myself to?’.

“Putting a note up your nose and sniffing something which, let’s face it, we don’t really know what it was, over a toilet seat, in a full on Cavalli dress and jewellery, is not cool.

“Stumbling out of a nightclub with blood running down your nose is not cool.

“I really didn’t like who I had become and I was terrified. I ended up being a hollow human being. I didn’t speak to my parents for a year. I hated who I had become.”

She chose not to take the route of Narcotics Anonymous because she had already tried that. Instead, she just went cold turkey.

“I did the hard route,” said Sophie. “I white-knuckled through the pain. It was hard. For the first year I would cry every night. I would have nightmares but I had to get through it.

“I had destroyed my life and everyone’s lives around me and that was a horrible place to be.”

Last May Sophie finished her relationship with James and moved back to London. It was a scary prospect as the last time she lived in the capital she suffered a relapse.

But she now lives a happy, simple life which consists of training for the London Marathon, eating pizza and chocolate with her friends and working.

She has repaired her relationship with her parents.

Sophie said: “I know they are incredibly proud . I am a success story when it comes to turning life around.

“My mum now says she has her daughter back. I’m now the person who I was meant to be, not the liar that I was when I was on drugs.”

Sophie is also happily single and is enjoying dating again.

She admits it has been tough to get modelling work in Britain because of her reputation but she has been inundated with contracts from abroad, particularly Germany and India.

Sophie said: “I am proof you can change your life and I want others to know that, so I am helping other people who are in the same place that I was.

“Girls contact me on Facebook and I will call them. A couple of weeks ago I was on the phone to an addict until 3am.

“She was going to relapse so I sat up with her and talked her through it.”

Sophie is also working with the Amy Winehouse Foundation after meeting the late singer’s dad Mitch, 61.

She is going into schools, in London to start with, to talk to teenagers about the dangers of drugs.

She said: “I met Mitch and it was heartbreaking listening to a parent’s side of things when their child is an addict.”

Sophie added: “I know I won’t be able to stop all of them from getting involved.

“But if one of them thinks about what happened to me before they touch a drug, then that’s one less family who will suffer like mine did.” Article Link…





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