Gulu Youth Campaigns Against Alcoholism, Gender Based Violence, and Drug Abuse

By Emmanuel Omona

A section of youth under an umbrella, the Galaxy Poets of Northern Uganda have taken up campaigns against alcoholism, Gender based Violence, and Drug abuse.

Their campaigns are to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS, use of drugs such as Marijuana and domestic Gender Based violence in homes.

The campaign took place in Unyama Sub County in Gulu district over the week end.


Atim Sarah Arach the vice chairperson of the group explained that Alcoholism is the leading cause of many challenges in the region.

“After the war, there are many challenges which have been linked by Alcoholism”, Atim explained.

She added that, “Alcoholism is linked to Gender base Violence and the spread of HIV/AIDS in the region and we need to stop it through many ways”.

The Galaxy Poets of Northern Uganda uses Poems, Music dance and drama to sensitize the community on the dangers of Alcohol.

Justine Toorach, the sub county chairman for Unyama when addressing the youth encouraged the Galaxy poets of Northern Uganda to continue teaching the community.

“There are many people who are now married to alcohol and they need to be sensitized about the dangers of Alcohol. Many of them have acquired HIV/AIDS and left useless in the community”, Toorach explained.

Toorach thinks that if the campaign continues, the youth will wake up and become productive.

Apostle Francisco Onen of the Restoration life church in Gulu who was one of the mentors at the function in Unyama challenged the youth to avoid using drugs and Alcohol saying that it will ruin them at a tender age.

“The guns have gone silent but we need to fight Alcoholism with all our strength so that we develop our livelihoods after the over 20 years of LRA Insurgency”, Onen said. Article Link…

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