Frank Stallone To Enter Rehab

The brother of Sylvester Stallone has sought help in his battle with alcohol abuse.

stallone-rehabAccording to a report first published in PEOPLE magazine, Frank Stallone entered rehab at the Betty Ford Clinic over the weekend to treat an addiction to alcohol.

Stallone’s manager, Randi Siegel, first revealed the decision to the magazine. “With the support of his friends and family, Frank is taking a much needed break from his professional activities to regroup and focus on his health and well-being,” Siegel said in a statement. “This opportunity will enable him to move forward in his career from a solid foundation.”

The younger brother of the more famous Sly, Stallone made his bones as an actor and a singer-songwriter who earned both Grammy Award and Golden Globe nominations for his song “Far From Over” on the soundtrack for Staying Alive (1983). He also had a small role in the film as a guitarist named Carl.

Stallone was also a running gag on the “Saturday Night Live” skit, Weekend Update, where fake news anchor Norm MacDonald would attribute the cause of random national events to the actor with the tagline, “You guessed it—Frank Stallone.”

He most recently appeared onscreen alongside his brother in the upcoming comedy-drama, “Reach Me” (2014), which will also star Kyra Sedgwick, Thomas Jane, and Tom Berenger.

His decision to enter Betty Ford has been fully supported by brother Sly. “Sylvester Stallone supports his brother’s decision and this process,” his rep said. Article Link “the fix”…

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