Flaming Lips to release 15th album inspired by drugs, darkness, and other fun stuff

flaming lips

Flaming Lips will be releasing their 15th studio album, tentatively titled The Terror, sometime this fall. Calling it “possibly the best Flaming Lips record ever made,” frontman Wayne Coyne told Rolling Stone that the album was birthed through an extremely dark and sombre time of fellow bandmate Steven Drozd‘s recent battle with substance abuse. 

“It was probably the worst time of his life,” Coyne said. “I knew he was really, really struggling. He was in a bad way.” Coyne said that Drozd would stay in a separate studio from the rest of the band and would write, in Coyne’s words, “horribly creepy” yet beautiful tracks that reflected his conflicted state of mind. 

This revelation about Drozd’s drug abuse seems to be the first time an answer has been alluded to concerning Drozd’s unexpected hospitalization in 2010. The hospitalization had forced the band to cancel two shows on their festival roster — their SunFest show in West Palms Beach, Florida, and their Beale Street Music Festival gig in Memphis, Tennessee. At the time, Drozd had cryptically tweeted, “I had to do this and I’m getting it together.”

Thankfully, Drozd is said to be doing well now, with Coyne stating that he is “better now than ever.” 

The band has also released a few confirmed dates of their upcoming tour with the Black Keys, starting in Kansas City on April 28. For a full list of tour dates and more album info, check out the band’s website. Article Link…
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