First Grader Brings Grandma’s Heroin To School

A Pennsylvania woman was arrested after her grandson brought her bags of heroin to school and handed them out to friends.

pauline-heroinPauline Bilinski-Munion, 56, of Modena, Pennsylvania is behind bars after her seven-year-old grandson brought several bags of heroin to Cain Elementary school last week.

A known heroin user, Bilinski-Munion had been babysitting her grandson and a one-year-old baby when she brought heroin into the house, only to soon lose track of it. Her grandson allegedly found it and brought it to school the next day, where teachers overheard him describing what he had to friends.

According to prosecutors, the teachers found nine bags of heroin stamped “Victoria’s Secret.” The boy initially said that he had found the drugs in the school yard, but later copped to where he really got them.

“Any exposure to heroin for a young child is likely to result in death,” said Tom Hogan, district attorney in Chester County, Penn. “The (grandmother) is lucky that she was not responsible for the death of her own grandson or somebody else’s child.”

Not only was Hogan concerned about the potential dangers, he was also upset at the school district for their alleged mishandling of the situation.

“The school district didn’t call 911, didn’t call the DA’s office, did not freeze all the kids in place, they did not call in emergency personnel to check all the kids to make sure they were OK,” Hogan said. “They did not check to see if there was heroin anywhere else around.”

Bilinski-Munion was arrested last Sunday and had bail set at $25,000. Article Link…

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