FedEx Sued Over Weed Delivery

A woman claims FedEx gave her address to drug dealers after accidentally delivering pot to her house.

fedexA Massachusetts woman is suing FedEx after theyaccidentally delivered seven pounds of pot to her house, then allegedly gave out her home address to the intended recipients. Maryangela Tobin says she opened the package thinking it was a birthday present for her daughter, but instead found “vacuum packed, profesionally packed bags” of weed inside a tupperware container. She immediately turned the package over to police. But an hour later, the intended recipient showed up at her house. “A man called in through the door and he asked me if I had a FedEx package,” says Tobin. “I bolted my front door and I told him I didnt have his package, and he asked me again, ‘did fedex pick up the package?'” Tobin believes FedEx gave out her address to the smugglers, in violation of state privacy laws. “I feel like the safety of my daughters and myself was invaded and it makes things complicated,” she says. FedEx declined to comment. Article Link…

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