Father’s despair: Family torn apart by a daughter’s addiction

ice-addictionA MILDURA father of four does not know where he and his wife went wrong with their daughter.

The now 18-year-old once aspired to be a policewoman, but an addiction to ice, or crystal methamphetamine, means that is unlikely to occur.

“But the problem with the system is they have to go of their own accord and the first time it was a little bit forced by us,” he said.

The young woman, who in the past competed in sport at a state level and could have been anything she wanted to be, has had times where she has been homeless.

“She lived on the streets in Melbourne and she was sleeping under trees along the Yarra,” he said.

“Then someone invited her to go to St Kilda, so she then did prostitution and was selling her body.

“She was given cash and she obviously went and bought more ice.”

His daughter has also stolen from the family home and broken into other people’s homes and cars, with the family business targeted by other ice addicts more than once.

He said the situation was heartbreaking. Read More 

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