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When someone you love is suffering from active addiction, it is easy to feel depressed, helpless and alone. At we believe that addiction is a family disease, and just as the alcoholic or addict needs healing, so do the family members. By creating your own member profile, you can connect with other family members of someone struggling with addiction, as well as be introduced to the compassionate and understanding support of Al-Anon and Nar-Anon groups in your local community.

After selecting your personal level of privacy, you can learn about both the problem and the solution as they relate to you, form a family group, find old friends and make new friends as you accompany your loved one on their Recovery journey.

Join now for free! It matters not how poor a man is... if he has family, he's rich!

My son or daughter has just entered treatment. Why am I feeling guilty and confused?

On Talk to other family members who have had similar experiences. You have taken a courageous first step.

I feel helpless in the face of my husband’s drinking. What can I do and still keep him from hating me?

Learn about the program of Al-Anon. Find an Al-Anon meeting on and an interim sponsor in your local community.

My wife’s drinking has alienated our children. Now I think the older one may be doing drugs. What now?

Locate a family counselor or social worker in your home town – confidentially and quickly. You are not alone.

I am hearing that I should get a sponsor. But why, since I am not the one with the drinking problem?

An interim sponsor is probably a good idea. A sponsor is someone who has been where you are at this very moment.

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