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180 Day Extended After Care Program
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Program Overview

Participants in the online 180-Day Extended Aftercare Program will learn to incorporate the 12-Steps into their day-to-day activities and relationships. The program is supportive and educational, with lectures and video presentations, interactive group discussions and readings all facilitated by an experienced addiction professional. Building on the progress made in the 30—Day Primary Care Program, members will share their new-found experience, strength and hope with one another as they reinforce the practical behaviors and skills necessary for long-term recovery.

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Program Goals and Schedule

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Program Goals
  • To work the 12-Steps with an Interim Sponsor
  • To enhance spirituality
  • To find enjoyment in Recovery

Program Schedule

More details on the program schedule are coming soon.

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Other Programs
Individual Program
An introduction to a new life of Recovery, interacting online with an experienced addiction professional with lectures, readings, discussion groups and supportive feedback from other program members.
Friends & Family Program
An online opportunity for family members and loved ones to explore how their lives have been personally affected by the disease of addiction and to learn about the process of Recovery as embodied in the 12-Steps of Al-Anon.

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