Envy Will Impede our Recovery

If left unchecked, envy can become the perfect excuse to gravitate towards my drug of choice.

envy-recovery“The spirit of envy can destroy; it can never build” – Margaret Thatcher

I have that friend. A person who is totally put together. He stands out as he carries a measurable sense of authority and a powerful presence wherever he goes. He is what I envisioned should have been my destiny, but it was his and not mine. Sharp, powerful, decisive, and influential. He is very handsome and quite accomplished in business and in life. Well-spoken and certainly composed. His clothes hang perfectly on his body, and I am quite an admirer of his style which combines cowboy boots and his suit. Country couture.

My friend is a vice president of a fast growing technology company, and he displays such wisdom and purpose so as to accomplish what he considers critical to his success. He just radiates purpose and the world appears to be his oyster.

We were first introduced over three years ago when my higher power (God is mine, yours may be different) downloaded some information to my mind and heart for his company.

God was telling me four things about my friend’s company that I needed to share with them. (I had previously presented to the executive leadership so I had some familiarity with the company.) Why God chose to share this information with me while sitting in contemplation is for Him to declare, but I ventured forward with the message on unknown grounds, and presented my God knowledge for them to consider. I sent them the four-point download in a letter addressed to the CEO, and this VP responded to me with a phone call and a personal visit. They graciously received me, confirmed that the message was pertinent. The VP and I have maintained a friendship since that time.

Recently, my vice president friend was leaving our weekly meeting, and I had one of those fleeting thoughts that seemed to hang over me forever but in reality takes a nano-second. It was that kind of thought that reveals a deeper motivation. Read more “the fix”…


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