Eminem Reflects On Low Points, Reminds Us Of His ‘Phenomenal’ Resilience

eminem-recoveryFrom losing the Rap Olympics to overcoming addiction, Em recalls his tribulations.

Eminem’s had a “Phenomenal” career, but even a “Rap God” has to endure struggles.

On Thursday (July 23), Slim Shady discussed some of his lowest moments in the game during an interview with Sway’s Universe.

“When I took second place at the Rap Olympics…$500 was awarded to the winner and a Rolex,” Em explained. “At the time, I had just got evicted from my house. I had nowhere to live so I needed that money. On top of that, the fact that I lost, I thought at that point in time, that was probably the lowest.”

Em would go on to overcome that low point and become one of the most successful rappers of all time. However, those triumphs would eventually be impacted by the rapper’s addiction troubles. During the interview, Slim opened up about those struggles as well.

 “When I hit my lowest through my addiction and everything, I couldn’t write anymore,” he shared. “I got so caught up in my addiction that I just f—kin’ took pills all day or was just either incoherent or whatever. I was just thinking about my next pill.”

Drugs affected Em’s songwriting as well. “Whatever cells drugs f—k with — especially Ambien — in your brain cells, whatever chemical that is, I just couldn’t write anymore.”

Since then, Eminem’s been able to compose again and on Recovery’s “Not Afraid,” he spoke candidly about his addiction. “It was my decision to get clean,” he rhymed. “I did it for me.”

 For now, Eminem – who unleashed a ferocious new freestyle today – is focusing on the “Southpaw” soundtrack which features “Phenomenal” and “Kings Never Die.” It’s set to be released tomorrow along with the Jake Gyllenhaal film.

Em — who was originally tapped to play the role Gyllenhaal took — saw similarities between himself and the character, boxer Billy Hope, because of his own ups and downs. “I believe there’s something to be said about the analogy of him being where he was at, on top for a minute, and ends up having a major loss in his personal life and his career takes a dive,” he said. “That whole thing. I for sure can relate.”

During a separate interview for his EminemMusic YouTube page, the rapper echoed those sentiments. “I love stories like that,” he said. “Comeback stories. That’s one of the reasons it appealed to me.”

After his work on “Southpaw,” Em said he’ll be completing the new Slaughterhouse LP. And then, he told Sway, “Who knows?” Article Link…



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