Easter Bunny Arrested For Drug Possession

Masked: Bolling was escorted into a dressing room during his arrest so that he could change out of his costume and the children would not see (file photo)

A mall Easter Bunny has been arrested after reported acting suspicious while on break – without any relation to hiding Easter eggs.


Bunny-suited Joshua Lee Bolling, 24, of Virginia, was found in illegal possession of prescription narcotics while entertaining children at the Piedmont Mall in Danville.


Bolling was escorted to a private changing area during his arrest to escape view of the children.


Employees within the mall contacted police after reports of the rabbit acting strange during his breaks on Friday.


They suggested ‘possible criminal drug activity’ taking place, according to a news release obtained by the Times Dispatch.


When confronted by police he was found in possession of pills.


‘His suspicious behaviour took place while he was on breaks and not during his contact with children,’ the police report stated.


Bolling was working as a contract worker for the mall, not directly employed by them.


The Danville Police Department’s Street Crimes Unit worked with the mall’s management and security leading to his arrest.


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