Drunk Men: Not as Sexy as They Think

Incredibly, there are differences between how drunk men see themselves and how their womenfolk see them.

You might feel more attractive after a few beers, but your wife or girlfriend might not agree. Cancer Research UK has surveyed 4,000men heterosexual adults and found that one in five men think they’re better in bed when drunk, and 43% think they’re funnier. Women have a somewhat different take; only 13% of them find their partner sexier after a drink, and 42% say that seeing their partner drunk is a turn-off. And 42% also say their partner isn’t a better lover after a boozy night out, and 30% that he isn’t funnier either. Numbers like these tend to raise some interesting questions: for instance, does this mean that the remaining 58% of women think their partners are better lovers when they’re drunk? Assuming that’s not the case, if you’re looking to impress your significant other by cutting back,Cancer Research UK is running a fundraising “Dryathlon” in January: participants raise money to fight cancer by avoiding alcohol for a month. “We wanted to explore some of the myths we thought men held on to about how they appeared to the opposite sex after a drink or two,” saysEd Aspel, head of Cancer Research UK’s Dryathlon campaign. “The fact that 42% of all women hate it when their partners are drunk is a pretty good incentive to give Dryathlon a go and stay off the booze for a month.” Article Link…

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