Drug Treatment Worker Arrested for Driving Client to Score Drugs

The City of Bridgeport in idyllic Connecticut plays host to yet another a sketchy drug incident.

drugs-employerThe assistant director of a drug treatment center in Connecticut has been arrested after driving a client to score drugs and supplying them with money.

Emille Jones, 30, is the assistant director of Connecticut Renaissance, which has its headquarters in the city of Bridgeport and several outpatient centers throughout the state. Jones admitted to driving 31-year-old client Ryan Smith to the deal site and supplying her with money tobuy crack cocaine. Smith later told police that Jones gave her the money in exchange for sex and she felt she had to do it “in order to get better treatment for her drug addiction.”

The Bridgeport Police Department’s Tactical Narcotics Team was already conducting a surveillance on the street where the deal took place after numerous complaints over separate incidents. Jones was arrested and charged on Monday with conspiracy to possess narcotics, but has since been released after posting $5,000 bond.

Of course, this isn’t the first sketchy drug incident that Bridgeport has found itself in. Kevin Wallin, a former pastor at St. Augustine Parish, was given the unflattering nickname of “Monsignor Meth” after being arrested in 2012 and admitting to selling large quantities of the drug out of his home. His priesthood powers were indefinitely revoked and he is now facing anywhere from 11 to 14 years in prison.

Chad McCluskey, 44, was sentenced last month to five years in jail on drug conspiracy charges related to the operation. He and girlfriend Kristen Laschober supplied nearly 10 pounds of meth to the Monsignor for his business. Blaming his own drug problem, McCluskey said at the sentencing that “my addiction got so heavy that my judgment was clouded…I never set out to be a drug dealer.” Article Link “the fix”…

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