Drug addiction in young women



In the U.S., more people are becoming addicted to drugs. It’s hitting a new population in particular: young women.

Recovering drug addict Raeneice Eleby said, “I’ve lost a lot. My home, everything.”

It began when she was 12. Raeneice Eleby was smoking marijuana and taking up to eight ecstasy pills per day.

She said, “The last time they raided my house and found drugs and brought me to jail.”

After her third after arrest she was in jail and found out she was pregnant.

Eleby said, “I have a daughter now, and I just don’t want to live the way I was living anymore. I don’t wanna raise her the way I was raised.”

She was broke, homeless and with an infant. She knew her daughter may be placed in foster care if she didn’t straighten out.

Eleby said, “I don’t have any where else to go so this is my home for right now.”

Her home for now is the Vista House, a drug rehab facility for women and their children. 
Drugs addicts who have young kids often feel badly about how the addiction how it affects their ability to be a good parent. Leticia Lind says many women don’t seek help because they don’t want to be separated from their children, but here they don’t have to.

Lind said, “By having the children here it helps them with their parenting skills and working together and having them together they are able to receive therapy as a family.”

It’s a safe, secure environment. Many rooms are attached so moms are close to their kids. They cook and do their own laundry, kids have a community playroom other women who are staying there can visit and even offer support.”

Lind said, “We have mothers in here and don’t even know how to cook and we take the time teach them that. They take pride in being able to cook for the children.”

Eleby said, “Every decision I make I have to think about how it’s going to affect her and if it’s going to be good for her or not.”

She’s been clean for nearly a year. She’s working hard staying clean and becoming a good mom to her daughter. Article Link…

Eleby said, “It is helping me a lot. I am really grateful I got my girl here.”

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