Cops Bust “Drunks” Driving Mobile Swimming Pool

Police chase down revelers in Germany driving a BMW that had been converted into a pool.

pool carFour men in Germany were busted for breaking a whole slew of driving laws as they allegedly drove (and swam) drunk in an unlicensed BMW convertible that had beenconverted into a mobile swimming pool. “I saw the strangest-looking convertible I have ever seen,” says the motorcycle police sergeant who spotted them. “A roofless BMW, without registration plates, bordered around the open top with wooden boards and fake plastic flowers. It was also full of water.” In the car-pool were four men basking in swimming shorts, all of whom “appeared drunk,” says the cop, who gave chase. The BMW drivers tried to speed away from the police, flooding the roads with pool water in the process. They finally stopped in a parking lot and jumped out and ran, leaving the vehicle, which police say had been stripped, waterproofed and painted blue. Instead of chasing them, the officers let the air out of the tires and took out the spark plug heads, reasoning the drivers would return for their DIY project. When the visibly intoxicated 27-year-old driver returned for his shoes and wallet, police arrested him for suspected DUI and driving an unlicensed, uninsured vehicle. Legal experts are currently looking into whether driving a vehicle full of water breaks any additional laws. Article Link “the fix”…

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