Coping with addiction & recovery during the Holidays

holiday-stressSAVANNAH, Ga. – One in ten Americans deal with addiction and recovery. The added stress of the Holiday’s can be a trigger for these folks, but Willingway Hospital has some coping tips.

Top 10 Willingway Sober Holiday Tips:

1. Increase 12 Step Meeting Attendance – Be ready for the extra stress of the holidays, step up your 12 Step Meetings.

2. Arrive Early / Leave Early – Arrive early and leave early for engagements to avoid that possible trigger.

3. Take Your Own Vehicle – If you’re going to a party or engagement where substance abuse could be a problem, take your own car so you can leave when you want.

4. Limit Time With Crazy Relatives – We love our relatives, but spending time with some of them can add stress.

5. Make A Safe Party Plan – Take someone with you to “rescue” you from stressful conversations, and if you need to, have an excuse ready to leave.

6.Create New Traditions – Get together with your sober friends and create new ways to celebrate the holiday; work at a soup kitchen, have a sober party, etc.

7. Attend 12 Step Meetings While Traveling – If you’re traveling, plan ahead. Check out the local 12 Step Meetings online and take advantage of them.

8. You CAN Decline Invitations – Remember, it’s okay to say “No!” Your sobriety is more important than a party or engagement.

9. Focus on the Reason For The Season – Instead of focusing on the hustle, bustle & materialism of the season… remember your faith, family & friends.

10. Be Of Service To Others – Giving back is one of the best ways to remember how blessed you are. When the season hits grab your friends and family and do some good work. Article Link…

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