Christopher Mark Kudela: Drug addicts miss out on life’s true beauty

addictionSadly there has been a tremendous resurgence in heroin use over the last few years, causing younger and younger people to end up in the obituaries. Where high school parties in my day were beer binges and pot fests, today it is kids sniffing and shooting dope as their statement of rebellion.

For most people, once they discover heroin, they forget everything else. I will discuss this socially taboo topic in an attempt to derail the emotional juggernaut that is plaguing our society.

The information I present has been learned from personal experience, not from a book or a class. I lived it, so I know it. Having been a drug addict for many years – more than I have not – is a sad fact that I openly admit.

When you walk through life in a narcotic-induced haze, you miss the real beauty that makes life truly worth living. People seek solace in drugs for several reasons, but most are trying to fill a void in their hearts. Almost everyone reading this knows someone currently battling addiction.

I have been addicted to many different drugs in my life, with the worst being heroin. Heroin has had a tremendous resurgence in the last five years.

For those who don’t know of the lure of this drug, let me explain. There is no other drug that comes close to the high of heroin. Once smoked, snorted or injected, a warm, calming sensation flows throughout your body – from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. Every pain and worry you may have had before you ingested the heroin seems to fade off into the distance.

Imagine that you have been standing outside on a freezing cold day naked in the rain. You are soaked and frozen to your bones. Then the person you love the most in the world pulls you inside and wraps you in a blanket warm from the dryer and holds you in his arms, rocking you slowly and safely. That is as close as I can explain to how using heroin feels. No other drug compares. It took every ounce of fortitude I possess to finally nail that demon in an escape-proof coffin.

I endured a difficult childhood and possessed a deep longing for love. I believe this is what drove me into the depths of addiction. Providing a loving and caring home environment can do a lot to deter a child from drugs, but nothing is foolproof. Some people are more genetically predisposed to addiction than others. The best thing to combat drug use is love.

Today heroin is the drug of choice for our youth. It is imperative for parents to have open lines of communication with their children in order to thwart the vise-like grasp of drugs.

Having seen everything in life from great accomplishments to the depravity of a jail cell, there are a few certainties that I have come to know. Happy parents breed happier children, and almost anyone who tries heroin becomes an addict. Parents need to stop children from experimentation through education. A well-informed child is less likely to be enticed into trying drugs.

Drug addiction is a choice, not a disease. People who choose to experiment with drugs run the risk of dependency and addiction. Diseases are things you cannot control. If you disagree with my stance then consider this: Show me one person who chose to have cancer, and I will concede. Article Link…

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