Cat Marnell Back in Rehab

The Internet’s favorite drug-addled beauty blogger is reportedly in treatment again in Thailand.

Audacious ex-beauty blogger Cat Marnell, the web’s favorite correspondent from the field of active addiction, is reportedly givingcat rehab another shot. Page Six reportsthat she’s checked into The Cabin in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand—a posh treatment center that famously kicked out British singer Pete Doherty (Kate Moss‘s ex) this summer for “disruptive behavior.” Reportedly, Vice Magazine is footing the bill (up to 9K-a-month) for Marnell’s stay in the luxury facility, which offers cooking classes, jungle tours, trekking and rafting. The former xoJane.comstaffer garnered a loyal following while openly detailing her drug use—amidst reviews of beauty products—in her popular blog. “People can say that’s pathetic, but [drug use] is one of my main hobbies,” she told New York Magazine earlier this year. She often defended her druggy life, once writing: “I’ve never hurt—I’m not hurting anybody—but myself.” After leaving her job at the magazine this summer, reportedly over her refusal to get clean, Marnell gave an interview in which she admitted to an addiction to Rx pills, but claimed she hadn’t hit bottom yet. “I am sick, you know, so I have to be realistic,” she said. “Maybe if there was something inspiring, I could get it together. I don’t plan to be like this all the time.” Sources say this is her third time in rehab. Article Link…

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