California Shoe Store Was Front For Major Drug Ring

The DEA bust a major Sacramento kingpin distributing cocaine from her shoe shop.

shoe storeA shoe store in Sacramento, California has been revealed as a front for one of the area’s biggest crack cocaine distributors. The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has busted Dahoma Lin, who was apparently operating a major drug ring from her store, Lanai’s Shoes. Lin “was related to a particular family which was notorious for drug dealing and for being members of the Oak Park Bloods,” an anonymous source told the DEA. “The Oak Park Bloods are one of Sacramento’s oldest, and most violent street gangs.” The source also reported that Lin “was one of the biggest cocaine base dealers in the Oak Park neighborhood. She supplied large quantities to several individuals operating multiple crackhouses.” After a lengthy investigation, Lin was arrested with nine ounces of crack in her possession and an ounce of heroin in her pocket. Former shoe shoppers were reportedly stunned by the news with many claiming to know nothing about the drug deals. “She was talkative. She was amazing. Gave me a discount on my shoes,” said one customer. The investigation led agents to Lin’s supplier Gilber Arreazola, who is currently facing 20 years to life for distribution of cocaine. Both Arreazola and Lin are awaiting trial. Article Link…

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