Austin Music Festival Mourns Latest Molly-Related Death

The recent death in Austin is the latest tragedy to strike the music scene.

drug-mollyThe latest Molly-related overdose death at a music festival made its way to the Austin City Limits Music Festival, where 21-year-old Jessica Hunter took a fatal overdose of the drug.

The incident took place on Oct. 5, when police were flagged down by Hunter’s friends. Her body was described as rigid with her hands and feet flailing. She was transported to Seton Medical Center and eventually died on Oct. 8. Her friends also took the same drug and suffered adverse reactions, though not as severe.

Hunter was a student at Texas State University in San Marcos. Her mother, Debra, said she will begin to visit schools and share her story in order to help create awareness of the dangers of drug use.

The death of Hunter occurred despite the best efforts of music festivals across the country to prevent drug-related tragedies from happening. New York City’s Electronic Zoo, which canceled the final day of its 2013 festival when two concertgoers died from a mixture of Molly and other unregulated stimulants, employed additional pat-downs, and other measures for drug screening this year. Tennessee’s Bonnaroo Festival also took extra precautions on site.

A major electronic dance music festival known as the Electric Daisy Carnival has also had several Molly-related tragedies over the years. The festival was originally held in Los Angeles, but relocated to Las Vegas in 2011 after a 15-year-old girl died from an MDMA overdose.Two people died from Molly-related complications at the 2012 edition of the event, but after the festival added extra measures such as medical stations staffed with professionals, there were no deaths in the 2013 edition of EDC. Article Link “the fix”…


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