Arizona pastor busted for dealing heroin and meth did it for ‘spiritual purposes’

An Arizona pastor facing charges for peddling heroin, meth, and other drugs said he was only doing the Lord’s work.

Mark Derksen, 63, of Fountain Hills admitted to police that he served up to 30 clients a day, occasionally giving his product away for free to convert potential users.

Deputies purchased drugs from Derksen while undercover, two years after receiving a tip the pastor was selling, according to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Arpaio is a controversial figure in law enforcement, and is nationally known as the self-styled ‘America’s Toughest Sheriff.’

After the drug deal, police got a search warrant that led them to find a stash of heroin, meth, Oxycontin, scales, and weapons in Derksen’s home.

After the bust, Derksen was admitted to the hospital for an undisclosed reason.

A pastor with the now-closed Faith Mountain Christian Church, Derksen remained active in youth ministry and regularly visited nursing homes.

He told deputies that his drugs brought clients ‘closer to God.’

An unnamed woman was also arrested during the search at Derksen’s apartment for drugs and outstanding warrants.

Authorities told the AZfamily that this was just the start of the case, as the pastor’s supplier has yet to be found.

‘This case isn’t over yet,’ Arpaio told reporters. ‘My warning to Fountain Hills, my home town, is we’re not done yet.’ Article Link…


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