Amanda Bynes: Sober and ‘Off Medication’

After years of battling addiction and mental health issues, the once-troubled actress is now on track with sobriety.

amanda-bynesAmanda Bynes appears to be winning the battle with her mental health issues and alleged drug use. Sources told TMZ that she has made “mind-blowing” improvements over the last few weeks and is now “off medication” to treat her reported schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Insiders close to the former child star say that she is now completely lucid and shows no symptoms of mental health issues or drug use. She has been quietly spending the last few weeks reading, doing yoga, and going to Pilates classes. Bynes has also resumed plans to attend college—taking a tour earlier this month of the University of Southern California.

Her parents, Lynn and Rick, have been encouraged by the progress. They still have a conservatorship over her finances, but have been giving Amanda limited access to her bank accounts. Doctors have told the Bynes’ family that this does not mean her mental health issues are over, but rather that people with her conditions can sometimes rebound for months before relapsing again. Her parents have reportedly accepted this and believe they should give Bynes enough freedom to enjoy her stable periods.

The former child actress enjoyed a quiet start to the year, living with her parents while attending fashion school. But she was arrested in California last September for drivingunder the influence of a stimulant and sources claim that she relapsed and began smoking marijuana on a regular basis. She was also kicked out of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Irvine that same month for allegedly showing up to class high and paying her classmates to complete assignments for her.

Last month, Bynes posted a series of disturbing Twitter rants in which she declared that she was sexually abused by her father as a child, which both of her parents have vehemently denied. But now that she is back to being lucid, her parents have opened up the lines of communication once again. Read More “the fix”…


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