Amanda Bynes Arrested After Bong Toss

The troubled former actress’ most recent drug-fueled hijinx land her a night in jail.

amandaFormer actress and current notorious public shit-disturberAmanda Bynes was arrested on Thursday eveningafter allegedly smoking pot in the lobby of her NYC apartment building and then throwing a bong out her window. Police have confirmed a 911 call alerted them that the star was smoking marijuana in the lobby, and when authorities arrived at her apartment, she let them inside. “There was a heavy smell of marijuana,” says an NYPD spokesman, “[Then] she took the bong and threw it out the window.” Bynes was charged with reckless endangerment, tampering with evidence and unlawful possession of marijuana, and was sent to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation before spending the night in jail. She was expected to appear before a judge this morning. The 27-year-old former Nickelodeon star has been grabbing headlines in the last year with her public personal troubles. She recentlydisclosed on Twitter that she has an eating disorder, and has since provoked attention by tweeting nude photos, and allegedlysmoking pot at the gym. In 2012 after a series of hit-and-run auto-accidents, she was charged with a DUI which she infamously askedPresident Obama to appeal, demanding that the cop who pulled her over be fired. Article Link “the fix”…

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