Altering addictive thinking, behavior vital for recovery

mood-changeSubstance abuse has become a worldwide problem. About 12 million people take illegal drugs monthly, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration’s website.

For many people, drugs are a common form of self-medicating, and they may not be conscious of the reasons they started using drugs. Whether the issues are caused by mental-health disorders or environmental problems, drug use is a quick way to forget the problems that are causing pain. This is only a temporary solution. Considering that the “high”  diminishes so quickly that it causes the individual to use again, a repetitive pattern of drug dependency and addictions will occur.

Therapy is important when working with clients who are dealing with substance-abuse problems. Many drug and alcohol users have a deeper underlying problem that has been masked by their addiction. It is imperative for the addict to be allowed to process their past in a safe setting. Therapy will help reduce addictive behaviors by teaching recovering addicts effective coping skills to process their emotions and manage mental-health issues that are frequently diagnosed with addictions. Read more…


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