Alexa Lusader Releases Video for “White Snow”

addiction-musicAlexa Lusader has released the video for her song, “White Snow,” this week. The haunting, and visually stunning video tells the story of a woman, played by model Willie Demi Spink, who begins to lose herself to her detrimental lifestyle and addictions.

“The song is about addiction,” states Alexa Lusader, “About how easy it is to get sucked into a guilty pleasure, a lifestyle, a vice, whether it be drugs, sex, alcohol,etc. Before you know it, you’re so far gone from the person you once were that you are trapped. You’re not in control of your own life anymore. The addiction controls you. The addiction has become you.”

Alexa, who describes her musical style as, “a edgier, darker version of pop music,” took on the role of a mysterious dark character, who represents the addiction and drugs in the video. Although the lyrics to this cautionary tale seem to tell a very personal story, that’s not always the case with Alexa.

“I don’t always sing and write about my own personal experiences, I tend to write about what I see and tell the stories of others that I’ve come into contact with during my lifetime. I’m looking forward to spreading meaningful messages through my music to the masses.” View music video…

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