Alcohol Awareness Month Sheds Light On US Drinking


How much do you drink? In honor of Alcohol Awareness Month in April, non-profit treatment organization the Gateway Foundation has conducted a survey to encourage people to examine their own drinking habits. Altogether, 73% of adults surveyed confirmed that they drink; when asked how many drinks they down per session, the most popular response was two drinks—in line with government recommendations for men (they recommend one for women). On the other hand, nearly one in 10 confessed to drinking four or five drinks per drinking event, which could indicate trouble. “Most people can have a couple drinks and be fine; but for some people, drinking alcoholic beverages creates a strong craving for more,” says Dr. Phil Welches, Clinical Director for the Gateway Foundation. “For example, when a person consistently drinks four to five drinks a couple nights a week and experiences blackouts and frequent hangovers, it is possible that a drinking problem is developing.” The online survey sampled 2,265 adults ages 21 and over. The National Survey on Drug Abuse and Health—administered by the federal government—found that of the 23 million Americans who need help for alcoholism, only 3 million actually seek treatment.


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