A problem that hurts Davis, Orioles

Slugger’s use of Adderall without exemption results in a 25-game suspension

addiction-recoveryI’ve spent the morning hearing people say that Chris Davis was selfish, getting himself suspended for 25 games in the middle of a September pennant race.

I’ve spent the morning hearing people say that Chris Davis was stupid, taking a substance like Adderall, which he knew he couldn’t take without getting nailed.

Well, there’s certainly an element of truth to both of those labels. But there’s a part of this I haven’t heard anyone talk about.

Chris Davis has a problem. In his apology statement on Friday morning, he indicated the problem is with Adderall. And if that’s true, his problem is actually shared by thousands of people in this country — quite a few of them athletes, by the way.

And now his baseball team has a problem, one it might not be able to overcome as it desires those World Series parade floats.

You should recognize that Adderall is a powerful, physically and psychologically addictive stimulant. I’ve spoken to athletes who have taken it. I’ve spoken to their representatives. I’ve spoken to people in the sports world who have dealt with athletes and their Adderall issues firsthand. Read More…

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