A Local Program Helps Fight Drug Addiction For Addicts & Their Families

mom-sonLANSING, MI (WLNS) – In downtown Lansing a group called WAI-IAM has opened it’s doors to many of those who want to turn their lives around.

It all started with an addiction for drugs, particularly heroin.

One that tore apart the relationship between a mother and her son.

After years of heartache, Corey made a change for the better and with the support of his mom Jackie, they now help others get on the road to recovery.

Members sit around a couch in what’s called the Diamond Club living room, and talk about what drugs they once used.

“Heroin was my drug of choice….Anything from opiates to OxyContin.. To Vicodin..I did cocaine.. Really bad,” members said.

The members of RISEup all have one thing in common before sitting hip to hip on a couch; they lived a life exposed to drugs.

That’s why they’re here now, and the bond they share goes beyond their addictions to them, they are a family helping each other cope while recovering.

“It’s amazing the way people bring you in and treat you.. I’ve grown a lot in the last week,” a member said.

“We all treat each other with respect with.. Just love.. We talk.. We write.. We do different things and there’s always somebody here that will listen,” another member said.

WAI-IAM has nine houses with more than 50 members, but it’s not a rehab center.

More-so a place where people who once walked in their shoes, guide them to a cleaner more healthy style of living.

“The music’s always going.. Its loud, it’s fun,” Corey Warren, President of WAI-IAM said. “It’s what we would do if we were out drinking and now we’re doing it and we’re not drinking we’re not doing drugs.”

The mentors lay down the rules, chores and all.

And they’re there 24/7, to push them and help them set their goals.

“Tyler what were your goals for this week?” One member asked another.

And work with them to achieve them

“Corey and his mom pretty much saved my life just the community here is just great and that’s what I think helps out the most is just the brotherhood here and the fellowship,” Joel Childs said.

It all started with a vision Corey Warren had following his recover,  which then led his mom Jackie Liebner to not only support the idea, but follow suit; reaching more than just the addict.

“I want to go out and find a way to reach parents and help them understand we’re innocent we’re not trying to do harm,” Jackie, CFAO & Treasurer said. “How do I stop being connected to the addict what can I do to make a change…They can call us, they can visit our website.”

“Rise is changing the name of recovery and that’s what I’m looking to do,” Warren said.

“We had dreams, Corey and I did of what we could create and this is beyond, literally beyond our wildest dreams,” Liebner said.

Corey and his mother Jackie said they’ve helped so many people that they’re looking to get a grant to open up more homes.

To learn more about WAI-IAM… Article Link….

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