2014—The Year in Celebrity Drug Stories

From bizarre product placements to tragic deaths, The Fix looks at 15 of the most prominent celebrity drug-related stories of 2014.

Scott Disick Enters Rehab


The baby daddy of Kourtney Kardashian was shown entering rehab this year during an episode run last month from Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons. After one particularly rowdy night, in an episode that aired in November, Disick appeared to still be under the influence the next morning. After falling over and having difficulty forming sentences, his bodyguard has to physically pick him up and carry him to bed. Disick then asks his friend if they can take more sleeping pills together. 












Melissa Etheridge Launches Cannabis-Infused Wines


Celebrity endorsements of marijuana products are normally reserved for rappers, but Melissa Etheridge got into the game by helping launch a line of “cannabis-infused fine wines.” Partnering with Santa Cruz-based medical marijuana dispensary Greenway Compassionate Relief, her passion project has already resulted in 90 cases of cannabis wine being available to those with a medical marijuana card. However, the creation can only be referred to as a “wine tincture” for legal reasons. Etheridge has become a staunch medical marijuana advocate after using the drug during her battle with breast cancer in 2004. Although she used it initially to help alleviate feelings of nausea during chemotherapy, she has continued to use it as a health aid ever since. Read More “the fix”...  

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